Brennan Baxley is a designer with a post professional Graduate degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a professional degree from Florida International University. Brennan possesses educational experience in recycled material installations, landscape urbanism, landscape ecology, community gardens and disaster management. In practice Brennan has aided in the inventory of the “Food Atlas Project”, participated in public engagement, preservation of heritage and historic treatment, and sustainable methods for residential and commercial design and planning.

Awarded projects have dealt with cultural, and responsive extensions in changing conditions in the landscape through the use of integrative submergence and research. In addition to growth and experience within landscape architecture, and throughout extensive similar practices, Brennan has participated in a live-in, participatory sustainability installation at the PS1 MoMA in New York City, designed by architecture firm a77, specifically focusing on the improvement and community for resilient coastline in the Rockaways.

After outlining and researching agro-centric development and cultural landscape in post coup d’├ętat territory, Brennan analyzed and mapped research for Gareth Doherty of Harvard University for the Exuma Lab, studying the effects of anthropology and master planning for agriculture, dredging and climate change. Brennan’s coastline restoration and resilience plan for the Rockaways was broadcasted by PS1 MoMA Architecture and Design during Expo:1.Brennan’s maps and drawings have been published in “Visual Representation in Landscape Architecture” for Ephemeral Boundaries Project Design for the Everglades, and “Projective Ecologies” for Kalahari Desert Lodge research on succession in design.

An active member of ASLA and the practice of landscape architecture, Brennan continues to be involved in profession and academia by applying research, techniques and experience to projects.